School Carnival Planning

At Extra Fun Jumpers, we take pride in helping Schools and Churches to create events that attendees will remember for a lifetime. Our events range from carnivals, harvest festivals and fundraisers. Not only do we have all of the equipment, concessions, catering, and games to make your next event a hit; but we also have a professional staff that can make sure that your event will be remembered for years to come. Let us be part of your next Harvest Festival. Youth Groups will find our inflatable Obstacle Course, Slide and Bungee Run for hours of fun, we also carry a line of inflatables for the little ones such as Circus Playland Toddler and Amusement Park, which will keep them laughing and playing the etire event. No matter what kind of event your school or church is planning, we can help!!!

We could halso help doing fundraising, please see the fundraising section for more details.

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Extra Fun Jumpers provides services to a large area throughout the Los Angeles communities. Please enter your Zip Code to see if we service your area.

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