Rock and Roll Joust Arena
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Joust Arena 403

  • Setup Area: 27'W X 26'L X 10'H

This Interactive has an octagon shape. In the middle of the unit it has a inflated pedestal which two kids try to balance themselves while attempting to knock each other off the pedestal with the jousting sticks.
It comes with 2 joust sticks.
It is recommended for kids 7 years and older.


Great for school events, church events, Fairs, Fundaraisers, Home Parties, Corporate events, carnivals and company picnics.

SAFETY RULES:All players must wear helmets at all time.

Adult supervision is require at all time for this inflatable game.Jousting Poles

CAN NOT be use outside the arena.


  • Customer will supply 1 separate Outlet, must be within 75ft.
  • Entrance/Path to set up area must be at least 3 feet in width.
  • If you have over 2 steps please call us for Special Arrangements.



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